Happy Lunar New Year!

It’s a national holiday in Singapore today—and it’s also my son Nick’s birthday. We’re celebrating in all sorts of ways, because the dragon is a symbol of power, and it’s quite lucky for one’s birthday to fall on the first day of the Year of the Dragon, as Nick’s does this year.

(Of course, he wishes he were born in the Year of the Dragon, too, rather than the Year of the Snake. Me, I think that might make this newly minted ten-year-old a little too powerful.)

Click here to find out more about the dates for “Chinese New Year” in Singapore. For those of us who affiliate ourselves with the Vietnamese lunar new year celebration of Tết, we say:

Chúc mừng năm mới!

January 23 to February 6, 2012

Nick's b-day brownies

Thanks to you kids who celebrated with Nick last night and who helped him enjoy this delicious stack of birthday brownies with ten bright candles. (The brownies were most definitely his choice.)

It was a great way to light up the new year and to prepare for our trip to come!


P.S. Yes, that’s a bag of popcorn and the espresso machine on our kitchen counter. The popcorn got popped for hungry movie fans earlier at the party. The espresso machine is forever.


One thought on “Happy Lunar New Year!

  1. Martha, congratulations… and Nick is 10 Happy day to all of you…how time flies and I hope all is well and that the move is all you hope for.
    With fond memories and all best wishes,
    Elizabeth Irwin Vergo

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